Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hello everyone. My name is anonymouse and I am going to talk a little about the world of transformice. Transformice is easily THE best online flash game available on the internet (>implying there are online flash games that aren't on the internet) and so I have taken it as my duty to try and give insight into the wonderful game known as transformice.

Starting at the core mechanics of the game seems to be a logical first step so I think we'll try that. To begin with, in a game there is usually 25 mice in a room and it is the job of these mice to collect cheese from a set point on the map and deliver it back to the hole. A round of transformice lasts for 2 minutes or until every mouse has delivered cheese or is dead. There is also, often but not always, one or two shaman mice. These mice have magical powers and are meant to be there in a capacity to help the other mice deliver there cheeses, especially on some maps where it is impossible without there aid. Shamans can create walkways, ladders, weights, airships, fire bullets and all sorts of other crazy thing and more often than not they make the tasks of the mice easier, but not always (more on this later). After a round has ended, the map changes and it starts over again. There is no way to win transformice as a game, although winning an individual round can be satisfying in itself.

These are just the basics on gameplay and I will go into more detail on some of the above points and other things like strategy and tactics at a later date.